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One egret (鹭鸶, similar shape as heron), which can be referred to in Chinese as ‘一鹭 yi lu’, makes a pun (i.e. a homophone) on the phrase ‘一路 yi lu’, for ‘all the way’. The lotus pod ‘莲窠 lian ke’, is a pun on ‘连科 lian ke’, which means ‘to pass examinations successively’. Thus, the combination of an egret and lotus pods can be created to represent the auspicious saying ‘May you come out first in the three-level civil-service examinations’!

The same picture may be referred to as yi lu qing lian 一路清廉.


Related Pun Picture: 

You may become rich by receiving good education 读书出富贵

Related Motif: 

Lotus (Lian Hua) 莲花

An egret and lotus flowers (莲花) are pictured in combination to infer ‘Yi Lu Qing Lian’, which means ‘You are an honest and uncorrupted official in your entire career’.

Yi lu 一鹭’ for ‘one egret’ puns on ‘yi lu 一路’ for ‘all the way’; ‘qing lian 青莲 for ‘green lotus’ makes pun on ‘qing lian 清廉 for ‘honest and fair in government matters’. Hence the whole image is intended to describe somebody who has the integrity and has never been corrupted during the official career.

The same picture may be referred to as ‘Yi Lu Lian Ke 一路连科.


Related Pun Picture: 

May you couple live a harmonious life and enjoy prestige 并蒂双贵

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