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Chinese Pinyin: Ba Xian
Chinese: 八仙
Name Of Image: Eight Daoist Immortals

The eight Daoist Immortals confirmed by Wu Yuantai 吴元泰 from Ming dynasty in his works ‘A Journey to the East by the Eight Daoist Immortals’ 《八仙出处东游记》 are Li Tieguai 李铁拐 (铁拐李), Lan Caihe蓝采和, Zhang Guolao张果老, Han Xiangzi韩湘子, Cao Guojiu曹国舅, Lu …

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Chinese Pinyin: Bing Ji Wen Niu Chuan
Chinese: 丙吉问牛喘
Name Of Image: Bing Ji inquiring about a panting buffalo

When Bing Ji (丙吉 d. 55 BCE) was a chancellor in the Han court, once he encountered the aftermath of a gang fight in the street. Bing Ji passed them without batting an eyelid. Further ahead, a buffalo passed and …

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Chinese Pinyin: Bo Yi Shu Qi Kou Ma Jian Zhou Wang
Chinese: 伯夷、叔齐叩马谏周王
Name Of Image: Bo Yi and Shu Qi Trying to Stop the Mighty Zhou Army

Bo Yi (or Boyi, 伯夷) and Shu Qi (or Shuqi, 叔齐) were sons of the ruler of Guzhu (孤竹), a vassal state of the Shang dynasty (商朝, 16th-11th cent. BCE). As the king was getting old, he wanted Shu Qi, …

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