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Chinese Pinyin: Diao Mei He Geng
Chinese: 调梅和羹
Name Of Image: Seasoning a Stew with Sour Prunes

‘Diao Mei He Geng 调梅和羹’ is a metaphor that likens the art of governing a country to the adequate seasoning of a stew with salt and sour prunes. The scene is often made up of a group of women or …

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Chinese Pinyin: Du Liniang You Yuan Jing Meng
Chinese: 杜丽娘游园惊梦
Name Of Image: A Startled Romantic Dream in the Back Garden

‘True love conquers all’ is the theme of the Peony Pavilion (牡丹亭 Mudan Ting), a musical play of fifty-five scenes written by Tang Xianzu (汤显祖, 1550-1616) in Ming dynasty. Also known as The Romance of Return of Soul (还魂记 Huanhun …

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