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Chinese Pinyin: Jiang Tai Gong Wei Bin Chui Diao
Chinese: 姜太公渭滨垂钓
Name Of Image: Jiang Ziya Was Discovered Angling by Baron of Zhou by the Wei River

When the Baron of the Zhou vassal state (周西伯) did a divination with oracle bones for his imminent hunting trip, the message came: ‘You will not catch a small bear or a large bear, but a teacher will be presented …

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Chinese Pinyin: Jin Gong Gong Qi
Chinese: 晋弓工妻
Name Of Image: The Wife of the Bow Maker in the State of Jin

This is a story of a brave woman who boldly exercised her rhetorical competence, managed to correct the erring ruler and saved her husband from execution. The story of The Wife of the Bow Maker in the State of Jin …

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Chinese Pinyin: Jin Ling Gong Sou Ao Yao Zhao Dun
Chinese: 晋灵公嗾獒咬赵盾
Name Of Image: Duke Ling of Jin Sending His Dog to Attack Zhao Dun

When the old duke of Jin (晋) passed away, his heir was still in the cradle. It was with the powerful minister Zhao Dun (赵盾)’s support that he succeeded in ascending the throne. Unfortunately, the young duke, who was posthumously …

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Chinese Pinyin: Jin Ling Gong Tan Ren Pi Wan
Chinese: 晋灵公弹人辟丸
Name Of Image: Duke Ling of Jin shooting pedestrians with pellets

The young duke of the State of Jin (晋) who was posthumously given the title Duke Ling of Jin, Jìn Líng Gōng (晋灵公, ? – 607 BCE), has been known as a ‘ruler who does not deserve his title (bu …

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Chinese Pinyin: Ju Shui Yue Zai Shou
Chinese: 掬水月在手
Name Of Image: Scooping the moon from the golden basin

In the Buddhist legend, at the beginning there was nothing but water in the world. Vajrapani ordered his disciples to scoop the ocean to see what was hidden there. The sun appeared in the first scoop and Vajrapani fixed the …

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