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Chinese Pinyin: Ni Jin Bao Jie
Chinese: 泥金报捷
Name Of Image: Yingying receiving good news delivered by the pageboy

Story from the Romance of the Western Chamber– a famous Chinese play written in Yuan dynasty (1271- 1368): On his way to the capital to take civil-service exams, Scholar Zhang (张生) fell in love with the beautiful Cui Yingying (崔莺莺), …

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Chinese Pinyin: Niu Lang Zhi Nv
Chinese: 牛郎织女
Name Of Image: The Weaving Maiden and the Herd Boy

The seventh day of the seventh month of the traditional Chinese year is the Chinese ‘Valentine’s Day’, Qixi Festival (七夕节). The custom can be traced back to an ancient story about a weaver girl and a cowherd: Once upon a …

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