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Chinese Pinyin: Qiantang Meng
Chinese: 钱塘梦
Name Of Image: The dream by the Qiantang River

A scholar official in Song dynasty Sima You (司马槱) dreamed of a beautiful girl presenting him the first half of a song, which he later developed into a full version called Huangjinlv (黄金缕). The girl was none other than a famous …

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Chinese Pinyin: Qiu Ran Ke Zhi Jia Tu Guo
Chinese: 虬髯客掷家图国
Name Of Image: Curly-bearded Fellow Going Overseas

This scene is an episode from the Ming drama ‘The Story of the Girl Holding a Red Fly Whisk (红拂记 Hongfu ji)’. The story is an account of how a talented scholar Li Jing (李靖) meets Lord Yang Su 杨素’s …

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Chinese Pinyin: Qiuhu Xi Qi
Chinese: 秋胡戏妻 (鲁洁妇)
Name Of Image: Qiuhu trying to seduce his own wife

Qiuhu (秋胡), a native of the state of Lu during the Spring and Autumn period (770-476 BCE), was ordered to take up an official post in the state of Chen a scant five days after his marriage to Jiefu (洁妇), …

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Chinese Pinyin: Qu Yuan Yu Yu Fu
Chinese: 屈原遇渔父(渔夫)
Name Of Image: Qu Yuan Meeting a Fisherman

These set of images portray the last moment of the life of Qu Yuan 屈原 (340-278 BCE), an important Chinese poet and politician, who was in exile in the wilderness because of his unsuitable political stance in court. He was …

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