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Chinese Pinyin: San Suan Tu
Chinese: 三酸图
Name Of Image: Picture of Three Sours

One day during Su Shi (苏轼, 1037 – 1101)’s exile in Huangzhou, Hubei province, his friend, Fo Yin (佛印, 1032 – 98) invited him and Huang Tingjian (黄庭坚, 1045 – 1105) to taste the ‘Peach-Blossom-Flavoured Vinegar’, made with a famous …

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Chinese Pinyin: Sui Yang Di Ye You Xi Yuan
Chinese: 隋炀帝夜游西苑
Name Of Image: Night Revel of the Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty

Emperor Yang of the Sui dynasty (r. 606 -18) 隋炀帝 is considered to have brought disaster to the country and misery to the people with his unwise rule and debauched lifestyle. In one of these decadent episodes, his consorts and …

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