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Chinese Pinyin: San Suan Tu
Chinese: 三酸图
Name Of Image: Picture of Three Sours

One day during Su Shi (苏轼, 1037 – 1101)’s exile in Huangzhou, Hubei province, his friend, Fo Yin (佛印, 1032 – 98) invited him and Huang Tingjian (黄庭坚, 1045 – 1105) to taste the ‘Peach-Blossom-Flavoured Vinegar’, made with a famous …

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Chinese Pinyin: Sui Yang Di Ye You Xi Yuan
Chinese: 隋炀帝夜游西苑
Name Of Image: Night Revel of the Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty

Emperor Yang of the Sui dynasty (隋炀帝, r. 606-18) is known for many achievements, such as linking the Yellow and Yangzi Rivers with the man-made Grand Canal, leading successful military campaigns expanding the Sui territory, and being accomplished in the …

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