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Chinese Pinyin: Xiahou Dun Ba Shi Dan Jing
Chinese: 夏侯惇拔矢啖睛
Name Of Image: Xiahou Dun Yanking an Arrow that Pierced His Eyeball

Xiahou Dun (夏侯惇, died 13 June 220) was one of Cao Cao’s (曹操, 155 – 220) most valued generals in the late Eastern Han dynasty (东汉, 25–220) of China. Xiahou showed his strong temperament even when he was in his …

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Chinese Pinyin: Xiangru Ti Qiao
Chinese: 相如题桥
Name Of Image: Sima Xiangru Inscribing on the Bridge Gateway

Sima Xiangru Inscribing on the Bridge Gateway (相如题桥)’ was a popular theme in theatre from at least the Song (960 – 1279) through to the Qing (1644 – 1911) dynasty. Sima Xiangru (司马相如) was a Western Han (202 BCE – …

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Chinese Pinyin: Xiao Shi Chui Xiao Yin Feng
Chinese: 萧史吹箫引凤
Name Of Image: Xiao Shi’s Playing the Xiao Flute Attracting Phoenixes

Duke Mu of the Qin State (秦穆公, died 621 BCE) was one of the so-called Five Hegemons (五霸 wuba) in the Spring and Autumn Period (770 – 476 BCE) (春秋 chunqiu). He had a daughter named ‘Nongyu (弄玉, meaning Playing …

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Chinese Pinyin: Xiwangmu Zhu Shou
Chinese: 西王母祝寿
Name Of Image: Birthday Celebration for the Queen Mother of the West

In Zhuangzi (庄子), an ancient Chinese text from the late Warring States period (476–221 BCE)  and one of the two foundational texts of Daoism, the Queen Mother of the West (Xiwangmu 西王母) was mentioned as a deity who ‘obtained the Dao (the Way)’. …

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