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Chinese Pinyin: Yi Qin Yi He
Chinese: 一琴一鹤
Name Of Image: A Qin Zither and a Pet Crane

Zhao Bian (赵抃, 1008 – 84) was held in high esteem all his life and posthumously because of his incorruptibility and sound statesmanship during his entire career. His prize possessions were legendarily well-known: a qin zither and two pets, a …

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Chinese Pinyin: Yue Xia Jia Qi
Chinese: 月下佳期
Name Of Image: Consummation of Love from Western Chamber

Romance of the Western Chamber (西厢记) is the most popular love comedy in late imperial China. In the story, Scholar Zhang (张生) falls in love with a beautiful lady named Cui Yingying (崔莺莺), who happens to be stranded in a …

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