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Chinese Pinyin: Zhao Kuangyin Xue Ye Fang Zhao Pu
Chinese: 赵匡胤雪夜访赵普
Name Of Image: Emperor Zhao Kuangyin Visiting Grand Chancellor Zhao Pu on a Snowing Evening

Evidently, Zhao Kuangyin (赵匡胤 927-976), Emperor Taizu of the Song dynasty (宋太祖), often paid unofficial surprise visits to his courtiers. As a result, his ministers did not dare to change their official attire into casual wear even when they returned …

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Chinese Pinyin: Zhi Guo Ying Che
Chinese: 掷果盈车
Name Of Image: Fruit-throwing antics

The second half of the third century and the beginning of the fourth century saw a couple of most handsome men in the history of China. For example, Pan An 潘安 (247-300) was exceptionally cute and adorable when he was …

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