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Chinese Pinyin: Ba Ji Xiang
Chinese: 八吉祥
Name Of Image: Eight auspicious emblems

Also called ‘ba bao’ (八宝), ‘ba rui xiang’ (八瑞相), or ‘ji xiang ba bao’(吉祥八宝). There are eight emblems in traditional Tibetan Buddhism symbolising happiness and spiritual well-being: Dharma wheel, conch shell, parasol, lotus, treasure vase, golden fish, victory banner, and endless knot.

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Chinese Pinyin: Bao Xiang Hua
Chinese: 宝相花
Name Of Image: Passion Flower

The pattern of ‘bao xiang (宝相)’ is also called ‘bao lian (宝莲)’, ‘bao xian (宝仙)’, or ‘xi fan lian (西番莲)’, which literally means ‘western passion flower’.   Related Motif: Lotus 莲花

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Chinese Pinyin: Bian Fu
Chinese: 蝙蝠
Name Of Image: Bat

Bat in Chinese is called bian fu (蝙蝠). The bat and its various stylised forms are often used in Chinese art for auspicious purposes, as 蝠 (‘fu’) puns on 福 (‘fu’, meaning luck, or good fortune). Related Pun Pictures: Gourd …

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