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Chinese Pinyin: Li Zhi
Chinese: 荔枝
Name Of Image: Lychee

Also named leechee, lichee, lichi, or litchi (nut). Lychee is a tall tropical evergreen tree of the soapberry family (Sapindaceae) native to southeastern China. It was recorded in the Xijing zaji (西京杂記, Miscellaneous records of the Western Capital), a collection …

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Chinese Pinyin: Lian Hua
Chinese: 莲花
Name Of Image: Lotus (Lian Hua)

Lian Hua (lotus) is also called ‘he hua (荷花)’. It is different from ‘shui lian (睡莲, water lily)’ which is another kind of water plant. The first character of lotus in Chinese, ‘lian (莲)’, has been used to pun for …

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Chinese Pinyin: Long
Name Of Image: Dragon

Dragon is an imaginary creature from ancient China which was believed to be agile, powerful and authoritative, thus is a symbol of imperial status in Chinese culture.   Related motif: Phoenix

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