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Motifs & Symbols

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Chinese Pinyin: Yi Ba Lian
Chinese: 一把莲
Name Of Image: Lotus bouquet

Also called ‘yi shu lian’ (一束莲). The motif is presented as ‘a ribbon-tied bouquet of lotus in bud, full bloom, and seed pods accompanied by leaves, with or without some other water plants such as arrowheads’. The earliest example of …

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Chinese Pinyin: Yu
Name Of Image: Fish

Fish is a basic composition motif in Chinese pictorial art. Its Chinese pronunciation of 鱼 ‘yu’ puns with the word 余 ‘yu’, meaning prosperity. It is an auspicious wish to one’s wealth. Depending on the context, the actual type of …

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Chinese Pinyin: Yu Hua Long
Chinese: 鱼化龙
Name Of Image: Fish turning into dragon

Ordinary fish in the pond was hoped by ancient Chinese people to turn into a vigorous and powerful dragon flying in the sky. It can be traced back to as early as Song dynasty in Chinese literature for children or …

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