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Motifs & Symbols

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Chinese Pinyin: Zhe Gui
Chinese: 折桂
Name Of Image: Plucking a branch of osmanthus blossom

The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival falls on the night of full moon in the eighth lunar month. Chang E (嫦娥), the Moon Goddess, is worshiped on this occasion. Chang E’s husband was the legendary archer, Yi (or Hou Yi, 后羿), and …

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Chinese Pinyin: Zhi Ji (Chang Wei Zhi)
Chinese: 雉鸡 (长尾雉)
Name Of Image: Pheasant

Long-tailed bird. To be differentiated from other birds in Chinese painting, such as peacock, phoenix, rooster, quail, magpie, sparrow, etc.   Related Pun Rebus: May the country enjoy peace and good order permanently 长治久安

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Chinese Pinyin: Zhu
Name Of Image: Bamboo

Bamboo in Chinese art is a symbol for a man with humbleness in quality. When bamboo is painted together with pine trees and/or plum blossoms, it symbolises as one element of the ‘three friends in the winter’. The pronunciation of …

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