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Pun Pictures

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Chinese Pinyin: Bai Ji
Chinese: 百吉
Name Of Image: May you be blessed by good luck in all you do

‘Ji 鸡’ is a generic name for cockerel, hen, and chick, and sounds the same as ‘ji 吉’ for ‘good fortune’. Thus, a picture of many chickens is used to represent ‘abundant good fortune’.   Related Pun Pictures: May you …

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Chinese Pinyin: Bai Lu
Chinese: 百禄
Name Of Image: May you have an ample official income

Just like the English word ‘bat’ can mean ‘a kind of animal’ in one context and ‘a club for playing tennis’ in another, so can pictures of animals and flowers in a pictorial design called ‘pun rebus’ in Chinese art. …

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Chinese Pinyin: Bing Di Shuang Gui
Chinese: 并蒂双贵
Name Of Image: May you couple live a harmonious life and enjoy prestige

‘Bing di 并蒂’ from ‘bing di lian 并蒂莲’ (twin-headed lotus flower) contributes to the meaning of ‘a loving relationship’.  ‘Gui 鳜’ from ‘gui yu 鳜鱼’(mandarin fish) is a pun on ‘gui 贵’ prestige. Hence this image is intended to wish …

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