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Chinese Pinyin: Feng Hou
Chinese: 封侯
Name Of Image: May you have an imminent promotion

The ancient Chinese would employ a picture of a monkey reaching for a bee hive to wish their boss an imminent promotion. The word for bees in Chinese is ‘feng 蜂’ and the word for monkeys is ‘hou 猴’. When …

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Chinese Pinyin: Fu Gui You Qi
Chinese: 富贵有期
Name Of Image: May your wealth and privilege expectable

‘Fu gui 富贵’ in ‘fu gui hua 富贵花’, literally, the ‘flower of wealth and prestige’,  which is a nickname in Chinese for ‘peony’, contributes to ‘wealth and privilege’ in the saying. ‘Ji 鸡’ is a pun on ‘qi 期’, which …

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Chinese Pinyin: Fu Shou Wan Nian
Chinese: 福寿万年
Name Of Image: May you enjoy long life and always be blessed by good fortune

Either the clockwise swastika 卐 (sounding ‘wan’ 万) or the counterclockwise sauwastika 卍 is used interchangeably in Chinese decorative arts as well as in some religious contexts, as can be seen co-occurring on the same vessel displayed here. Roughly speaking, …

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