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Chinese Pinyin: Gong Ming Fu Gui
Chinese: 功名富贵
Name Of Image: May you do well in exams and enjoy wealth and prestige

The Chinese phrase ‘Gong ming 功名’ for ‘scholarly honour or official rank’ is a pun on two Chinese characters ‘gong 公’ and ‘ming 鸣’. ‘Gong 公’ from ‘gong ji 公鸡’, the Chinese name for ‘rooster’, makes pun on the Chinese …

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Chinese Pinyin: Gua Die Mian Mian
Chinese: 瓜瓞绵绵 (谐音画)
Name Of Image: May the male line in your family clan continue and flourish (pun picture)

The phrase ‘gua die mian mian 瓜瓞绵绵’ is a variation of a line from a poem in the Classic of Poetry, Shijing 诗经, compiled in China during the period between the 11th to 7th centuries BCE, used as a metaphor …

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Chinese Pinyin: Guan Shang Jia Guan
Chinese: 官上加官
Name Of Image: May you have repeated promotions

‘Guan 冠’ in the Chinese name ‘ji guan hua 鸡冠花’ for ‘cockscomb’ is a pun on ‘guan 官’, which means ‘high-ranking official’. The crest on the head of a rooster is also called ‘guan 冠’ in Chinese. Thus, the appearance …

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