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Chinese Pinyin: Wan Fu Wan Shou
Chinese: 万福万寿
Name Of Image: May you have inexhaustible good fortune and longevity

When swastika is combined with the Chinese character shou 寿 (meaning long life) and the image of the bat, whose pronunciation puns on the Chinese word fu 福 for ‘luck’ or ‘good fortune’, the composition is used to express good wishes …

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Chinese Pinyin: Wei Lie San Gong
Chinese: 位列三公
Name Of Image: May you rank among the three top civil servants

‘San gong 三公’ are the ‘Three Top Lords in the Imperial Court’. The ‘gong 公’ from the Chinese name ‘gong ji 公鸡’ for ‘rooster’ puns on the Chinese name for ‘lord’ and three roosters in the picture represent the three …

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