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Pun Pictures

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Chinese Pinyin: Xi Cong Tian Jiang
Chinese: 喜从天降
Name Of Image: May unexpected good luck descend on you!

Pun design: Spider + descending from the sky Punning mechanism: ‘Zhi zhu (蜘蛛, spider)’ has a nickname ‘xi zi (蟢子)’ or ‘xi zhu (喜蛛)’ meaning the ‘lucky one’ or ‘lucky spider’. Its first character ‘xi 喜(蟢)’ for ‘happiness (good luck)’ …

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Chinese Pinyin: Xuan Die
Chinese: 萱耋
Name Of Image: May mother live up to a ripe old age

Lily flowers and butterflies form a pun rebus picture known as ‘Xuān Dié Tú 萱耋图’, meaning ‘May mother live up to a ripe old age’. ‘Xuan 萱’ in the picture title comes from ‘xuan cao 萱草’, the Chinese name for …

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