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Chinese Pinyin: Yi Lu Lian Ke
Chinese: 一路连科
Name Of Image: May you pass examinations all the way

One egret (鹭鸶, similar shape as heron), which can be referred to in Chinese as ‘一鹭 yi lu’, makes a pun (i.e. a homophone) on the phrase ‘一路 yi lu’, for ‘all the way’. The lotus pod ‘莲窠 lian ke’, …

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Chinese Pinyin: Yi Lu Qing Lian
Chinese: 一路清廉
Name Of Image: You are an honest and uncorrupted official in your entire career

An egret and lotus flowers (莲花) are pictured in combination to infer ‘Yi Lu Qing Lian’, which means ‘You are an honest and uncorrupted official in your entire career’. ‘Yi lu 一鹭’ for ‘one egret’ puns on ‘yi lu 一路’ …

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Chinese Pinyin: Yu Tang Fu Gui
Chinese: 玉堂富贵
Name Of Image: May your jade palatial home be honoured and full of riches

The character ‘yu 玉’ in ‘yulan hua 玉兰花’ for ‘magnolia’ is the same ‘yu 玉’ for ‘jade’. The word ‘tang 棠’ from ‘haitang hua 海棠花’ for ‘crab apple’ is homophonic with the word ‘tang 堂’ for ‘house’. The combination of …

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