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Chinese Pinyin: Zhi Ri Gao Sheng
Chinese: 指日高升
Name Of Image: May your chance of promotion be just round the corner

The action of ‘pointing to the sun’ is termed in Chinese as ‘指日 zhi ri’, which sounds and looks exactly the same as (both homophone and homograph of) the phrase ‘指日 zhi ri’ meaning ‘in a few days’ time’. The […]

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Chinese Pinyin: Zhu Bao Ping An
Chinese: 竹报平安
Name Of Image: Sending you a safe-and-sound message

Pun Design: Quails + Bamboo Punning Details: The word ‘an 鹌’ in ‘an chun 鹌鹑’ for ‘quail’ makes a pun on ‘an 安’ for ‘peace’. The word ‘zhu 竹’ for ‘bamboo’ is a pun on ‘zhu 祝’ for the verb […]

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