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In Chinese pictorial art, the image of the fruit ‘apple’ can be used to denote the pun on ‘peace and order’. The Chinese word ‘ping 苹’ in ‘ping guo 苹果 for ‘apple’ is a pun on ‘ping 平’ for ‘peace’. ‘Da 大’ in ‘da ping guo 大苹果’ for ‘big apple’ is tantamount to ‘tai 太’ for ‘utmost’. Thus, the image of big apples may serve to cue a pun on the Chinese phrase ‘tai ping 太平’ for ‘peace and order’ and a large basket of big healthy apples may be used to represent a eulogy for an ideal society.

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Fig 1: Taiping, ink and colour on paper, Qi BaiShi (1864-1957), 1944, courtesy of Poly Auction HK, 2021

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