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Pun Design: Persimmons + Quails

Punning Details:

The word ‘shi 柿’ in ‘shi zi 柿子’ for ‘persimmon’ can pun on ‘shi 事’ for ‘things’. The repetition of ‘shi’ as ‘shi shi 事事’ means ‘everything’. The word ‘an 鹌’ in ‘an chun 鹌鹑’ for ‘quail’ puns on ‘an 安’ for ‘peace’ and in this case cues the phrase ‘an shun 安顺’ for ‘peaceful and smooth’.

画面要素: 柿子 + 鹌鹑

谐音详情: ‘柿子’中 ‘柿’与 ‘事’ 谐音, 叠字则为 ‘事事’, ‘鹌鹑’ 谐音 ‘安顺’。


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