Two heroes fighting with their intelligence


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Shuang 双’ is the Chinese word for ‘two’. ‘Xiong 雄’ in ‘Xiong ji 雄鸡’ in the Chinese name for ‘rooster’ makes a pun on ‘xiong 雄’ for ‘hero’. Thus, the image of two roosters in confrontation is meant to represent two competent officials competing with their intelligence for eminent government posts.


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Fig 1-2: porcelain dishes, Tianqi period (1621-27), Ming dynasty, courtesy of the Stamen Collection

Fig 3: ink and colour on paper, Ming dynasty, Zhou Zhimian (周之冕, 1521-?), courtesy of the National Palace Museum, Taipei

Fig 4: wall vase, Wanli period (1573-1620), Ming dynasty, courtesy of the Museum of East Asian Art (Cologne)

Fig 5: porcelain dish painted in overglaze enamels, Kangxi period (1662-1722), Qing dynasty, courtesy of Victoria & Albert Museum, London

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