Chinese antiques & modern artworks with traditional pictorial elements

Mr Wu Pei has developed great passion for Chinese export porcelain. To him, the essence of porcelain appreciation lies in its cultural tapestry, in the profound narratives and historical contexts that these delicate objects weave.

Mr Wu Pei 吴培, a renowned Chinese porcelain collector who has resided in Belgium for nearly 30 years, has established a porcelain museum in his hometown Rugao, Jiangsu, China, which showcases over 1,000 exquisite Chinese export porcelain pieces from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Chinese artist Geng Shuwei 耿树伟, famous for his Chinese ink and colour painting of pine-and-snow landscapes and mountain peaks of Huangshan, talking about how he expresses his artistic ideas through brush and ink.

Chinese artist Geng Shuwei 耿树伟, who is specialised in painting pines and snow landscapes, gives his narrative talk about mind preparation before producing artworks in his own experience.

Chinese artist Geng Shuwei 耿树伟 talks about his innovative style of Chinese ink and colour painting of pine-and-snow landscapes and those in Huangshan Mountains.

Mr WU Pei (吴培), a private Chinese antique collector, has a large collection of porcelain mainly from Ming and Qing dynasties. Let’s appreciate some of export porcelain from his collection.

Here are the latest artworks painted by Yuhong Wang (王煜宏, famous Chinese painter from Shanghai) in 2020 – Following ancestors’ traces in Dunhuang (敦煌寻踪). These are a series of oil on canvas with elements from ancient China around Dunhuang area.

Chinese artist Yuhong Wang has just completed her latest oil painting Mooncake and Bread for celebrating Chinese Mid-autumn Festival in 2020. Let’s appreciate her art work with some close-ups.

A reminiscence of antique bowls, books with Chinese calligraphy surrounded by contemporary arrangement of geometrical blocks- Art works painted by Chinese artist Yuhong Wang. See more of her Rolling Blocks series here.

After COVID-19 pandemic was controlled and almost eliminated in China in July 2020, the renowned artist Yuhong Wang produced this oil painting in memory of the tens of thousands of people whose lives were taken by the infectious disease.