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Bodhisattva and Yongzheng Beauty


After COVID-19 pandemic was controlled and almost eliminated in China in July 2020, the renowned artist Yuhong Wang produced this oil painting in memory of the tens of thousands of people whose lives were taken during the health crisis to mankind.

Bodhisattva and Yongzheng Beauty, oil on canvas, 110 x 66 cm, from Yuhong Wang

The Bodhisattva is a goddess in Oriental culture for praying and protecting people from misfortune. In this painting, Wang has arranged it cleverly with the candle stands which are used in Western culture for similar purposes.

The female figure in blue was to project the beauty in one of the famous Yongzheng Twelve Beauties painted in the Qing dynasty. It is also to set as a complement to the Bodhisattva which is the feature figure in the centre of the painting.

Yuhong Wang is famous for painting Chinese antiques in combination with modern household items. In this 110 x 60 cm art piece, the details of the semi-transparent jade Bodhisattva, still life fruits, shiny glass cover, and a portrait of one of the twelve famous beauties during YongZheng period, are amazingly lifelike and arranged in contrast.


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