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Congratulations to the latest publication of a catalogue raisonné of the Sir Michael Butler Collection – Leaping the Dragon Gate: The Sir Michael Butler Collection of Seventeenth-Century Chinese Porcelain. Read on for more information about this wonderful book.

Alicia Yuhong Wang (王煜宏) will hold her solo exhibition at Duo Yun Xuan Art Gallery 朵云轩 in Shanghai, China during 3-10 July 2021. Her unique oil painting series of ‘Yinzhen …

The Australian Calligraphers Association held an opening ceremony for its Chinese calligraphy and painting exhibition in celebration of its 10th anniversary of establishment.

Congratulations to the inauguration of the AUS China Artist UN (澳洲中国美术家联合总会) which comprises of a group of Chinese Australian artists with its goal to promote Chinese art and increase cultural exchange between Chinese and Australian artists.

Symbols, Art, and Language from the Land of the Dragon draws together one hundred of the most significant characters, placing them within their historical, artistic, and social contexts, and tracing the evolution to the present day.

Chinese artist Yuhong Wang is holding her exhibition together with another two artists, Enrico Freitag and Rao Fu, at the Eigenheim Berlin in Sept 2020. For more information about the exhibition, read here.

This popular book has been frequently mentioned as it has large quantities of Kangxi porcelain from the Jie Rui Tang Collection. With fine quality photographs, each item accompanied by a full description. Narrative scenes deciphered by Yibin Ni.

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the pictures you see on Chinese scrolls, snuff bottles, furniture, architecture, and porcelain vases? Dr Yibin Ni will reveal to you and his series of lectures the meanings hidden behind many eye-catching designs and story scenes.

In February 2020, Chinese contemporary artist Yuhong Wang, coordinating with other Chinese artists and galleries, called for an initiative for a charity auction in light of COVID-19 epidemic in China. Here is what the artist has to say about her donated painting.

How were female figures gazed at in the male dominant society in ancient times? In the lecture, Dr Yibin Ni will use lots of interesting images from antique porcelain and wood-block prints from Ming and Qing dynasties to explain.