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Kangxi Porcelain from the Jie Rui Tang Collection

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A Culture Revealed: Kangxi-Era Chinese Porcelain from the Jie Rui Tang Collection
– by Jeffrey P. Stamen, Cynthia Volk and Yibin Ni

Jieruitang Publishing, 2017. Limited Edition. Hardcover, illustrated in color,
text in English with introduction and chapter titles in Chinese. Item #45294
ISBN: 9780692928424

Kangxi era porcelains are vast in number and in range of style, reflecting the long and successful reign of the Kangxi emperor (1662–1722). These high-quality porcelains of great visual appeal and historical interest have been avidly and continuously collected both in China and in the West. This book focuses on selections from the Jie Rui Tang Collection of Kangxi porcelain, formed with care and dedication over a thirty-five year period and likely the largest private collection of that era.

This hard cover, high quality publication features a selection of one hundred and twenty of hundreds of superlative examples, as a means to invite discussion and appreciation for the aesthetic appeal, technical merit and enriching subject matter unique to the period. Unlike the standard Western format which groups porcelains by palette, a thematic approach has been chosen in order to present the porcelain in a way more closely aligned with its original purpose; as a gift for a significant birthday, a ritual ware, a token of encouragement to an aspiring scholar, or a means to support the legitimacy of the Emperor himself.

In addition to fine quality photographs, each item is accompanied by a full description putting it into both an aesthetic and historical context. The pieces depicting narrative scenes have been deciphered by Yibin Ni, many of which were previously unidentified or misidentified. In addition, two essays have been included with the hope of encouraging a new vantage point on areas of some controversy: “Toward an Understanding of Kangxi Imperial Wares”, and “Export versus Exported in the Kangxi Era”. Collector’s comments are also included adding a personal and contemporary facet to the venerable tradition of antiquarianism.

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jeffrey stamen

Please note that the book KANGXI PORCELAIN FROM THE JIE RUI TANG COLLECTION is now back in stock at Paragon Books and is at a reduced price.

August 20, 2021 at 15:08 pm

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