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Time Prism: 2021 Painting and Installation Exhibition by Alicia Yuhong Wang

Alicia Yuhong Wang (王煜宏) will hold her solo exhibition at Duo Yun Xuan Art Gallery 朵云轩 in Shanghai, China during 3-10 July 2021. Her unique oil painting series of ‘Yinzhen beauties’ (胤禛美人图, some called Yongzheng Twelve Beauties 雍正十二美人图) and her installation series ‘Seven Stars’(七星系列) are featured artworks and can not be missed.

Time Prism

Preface by Curator Jiang Mei from China

Wang Yuhong, who selects still life as the major content of her paintings, has made her ‘still life’ artworks distinguished from others, thus leaving us a different impression beyond its general meaning. She often selects and arranges objects elaborately on the basis of Chinese and Western elements, combining old and new things and integrating virtual and real images. From the brush strokes in her paintings, we can feel her humaneness and despondency, which leads us to think about the significance of life and time.

The objects in her paintings seem quiet sometimes, but convey a profound message essentially. The information transmitted by these objects is abundant, involving the fields of history, humanity and society. They are skilfully arranged by the artist, forming a game of asking and guessing riddles and leading the viewing angles. This is why her paintings are so interesting.

Wang Yuhong’s inspiration of the ‘seven-star’ series is derived from the ancient game of ‘seven-piece puzzle’. She adopts the concept of Western abstract composition in form to arrange the still life in a way that makes such still life ever-changing, thus providing us with different visual effects and viewing psychologies. On this basis, she further summarises, concentrates and creates several linear abstract installation, forming a mental framework that is seemingly left after concrete images are removed and presenting a strong metaphor of modernity. Besides, she has attempted to create abstract paintings with certain expressiveness so that the cadenced lines and colours can interact with each other. In essence, we can still observe the ancient and modern integration, as well as the Chinese and Western combination in her paintings.

This exhibition includes Wang Yuhong’s recent series of figurative paintings, and her newly created abstract paintings and installation. These works in different media forms have reflected different aspects of her thoughts and practice in recent years. Although they are seemingly different, there remains a natural and logical connection within.

By trying concreteness and abstraction, plane and solid, structure and deconstruction in her tireless enthusiasm and passion of creation, Wang Yuhong has constantly retained, reconstituted and reproduced the meaningful things perceived and experienced in her life course, forming her own series of ‘stories’ and her unique method of ‘creating objects’.

Chinese translation:


策展人 江梅







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