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How were female figures depicted in Chinese ancient times

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How were female figures depicted on Chinese antiques, especially on porcelain and wood-block carving? Dr Yibin Ni will give a lecture on this topic using pictures on antiques from Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Venue and time: Shanghai Library on 20 April 2019.

Dr Yibin Ni will explain figures and stories painted on porcelain and wood-block carving, and discuss the way that female figures were gazed at in the male dominant society in ancient times. Lots of beautiful and interesting images from antique porcelains and wood- block carving in Ming and Qing dynasties will be illustrated, and cognition of gender and races related to gazing will be further discussed.

porcelain dish, Kangxi period (1662-1722), courtesy of V&A Museum


*Featured image: porcelain dish, Transitional period, courtesy of Butler Family Collection

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